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Peter Colenso Walton LHC MARH RHom

Peter Colenso Walton originally studied engineering, graduating at Nottingham in 1972, latterly engaging at directorship level in electro-mechanical and electronics engineering and finally becoming a secondary school Maths and Physics teacher. Being interested in complementary forms of medicine and nutrition, he trained as a homeopath at The Homeopathy College, Birmingham, formerly the College of Practical Homeopathy. He has now gained extensive experience in treating an extremely varied range of conditions during which time he has helped the majority to greatly improve their health.

He is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, the ARH, which ensures good practice and professional codes of conduct.

Originally practicing in Nether Heage he has now settled in the delightfully picturesque and historic town of Wirksworth where he is building an ever increasing client base. An emphasis is placed upon providing a relaxed atmosphere where it is more easy for the patient to discuss their health issues in an unhurried fashion.

Married and with three sons, there is still time to walk in the Derbyshire hills with Jago their dog, or to play at producing pottery of an often indeterminate nature; well it's good fun anyway! Fun is also frequently brought to the consultation, where it can help to alleviate undue tensions and barriers whilst we get to the cause of your problem.