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Peter Colenso Walton LHC MARH RHom

So what happens during the consultation?

In a consultation we go through as much detail of what's troubling you as you're able to give. What makes your symptoms better or worse, have there been any changes in your mood, anxieties, sleep, dreams, appetite, thirst, temperature, etc. since the beginning of your malady. The detail is often of great importance in selecting a suitable remedy. The aim of the consultation is to get an overview, not only of your complaint but also of you as a person. Don't be too concerned if you cannot remember everything, no one does.

The initial meeting we have may be up to one and a half hours long, with subsequent consultations being more like thirty to forty five minutes. In the shorter follow-up sessions we'll assess your reaction to the last remedy and decide how best to continue.

Remedies stimulate the body, which may react as part of the healing process. Often this passes unnoticed but sometimes does involve a discharge, possibly emotional with tears for example, or a physical symptom such as catarrh, diarrhea or a rash. This will be of short duration and is the body's way of eliminating what it doesn't need and often what is partly causing your illness in the first place.