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Peter Colenso Walton LHC MARH RHom

Consultation Fees

Fees include all homeopathic remedies you will need. [Exceptionally other remedies may be needed such as herbal tinctures, in which case an extra charge may be made.]

Initially if you wish to discuss how homeopathy may help you we can discuss your condition for 15 minutes or so without any obligation or charge.

First appointment: This will be the initial case taking for which you should allow at least 90 minutes:

Adults - £60

Children of age up to 16yrs and accompanied by a parent - £50

Those on state pension - £40

Follow-up appointments: allow 60 minutes:

Adults - £45

Children up to and including 16yrs of age when accompanied by a parent - £35

Those on state pension - £35

As an ongoing procedure we will review your progress together and agree upon the best way to continue your treatment. The number and frequency of appointments very much depends upon your condition.

The following insurance companies recognise homeopaths who are members of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), which means that you may be able to claim all or part of the costs. Some insurers may ask for a letter of referral from your GP - contact your insurer for full details:

Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund

Health Shield

HSA Healthcare

Simply Health

Patient Aid Association

Ginkgo Biloba